Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Inspiring Landscape: Repetition

I love looking at well-designed landscapes.  A well designed landscape is one that is thought out based on design principles.

This landscape clearly shows the principle of Repetition.  Repeating a component in a landscape gives a feeling of rest, feeling like you have figured out the order of a landscape.  When there is no order in a landscape one is left feeling uneasy and not comfortable.

The way that this picture shows  repetition is by using the same plants, or types of plants in different areas of the landscape.  In the lower right corner of the photo here there is what looks to be ornamental rhubarb, and farther back in the landscape a little to the left there is another.

Towards the back on the left there looks to be some Cat-tails at the edge of the pond, and behind there to the left there is Agapanthus and to the right of that are some Irises.  Though these are not the same plants, they have similar form with long, strap like leaves.  Even though that with a trained eye one can tell there are different species, the similarity of plant structure is enough to give the feeling of rest to the mind.

Click here for more pictures from this landscape designer.

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